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Homeopathic Remedies in Every Home

Every household should have some number of basic homeopathic remedies for self-help, i.e. providing help family members. These are remedies for urgent and acute conditions. In every or nearly every household, there is always some of the medicaments for common conditions that are usually repeated, as: antipyretics, painkillers, antitussives, expectorants, antiemetics, antidiarrheal, for the treatment of wounds and injuries. It is often found in the home pharmacy and some antibiotics, antihistaminics, sprays and/or breathing pump if there are problems with allergies and asthma attacks.

All of these medications must be used with great caution because of the adverse effects which all have and some of them are far from harmless. 

Often you are not even sure how to use them because sometimes they do not give satisfying results, and however, their use is mostly limited to temporarily delay visit to a doctor. 

Because of the nature of the homeopathic medicine, her remedies are completely safe to use in all listed and an even much greater number of states. What you need is basic knowledge about when a specific remedy likely to help you, your child or anyone else at your surroundings. In other words: which is a situation when you will give the remedy and how you will recognize the state of the patient? Speaking on the homeopathic way, it is not difficult to learn. You need some willingness to examine basic symptoms and desire (which you certainly not lack in these situations) to help someone in your surroundings, in the fastest and safe way. It takes a bit of time to make sure how homeopathic remedies act quickly in these conditions.

Considering that the homeopathic treatment of a person is individually, it is also necessary to ignore what you've learned so far and do not you ask yourself: "What should I give now when a child has the flu?" but "Which homeopathic remedy corresponds to the condition of my child?". If you have several people in the home who at the same time have the same flu, it will most likely be needed for each of them another homeopathic medicine. That's because in homeopathy there is no remedy for the flu. There are remedies for each person in a given condition. So it is with all the other symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies that should be kept in the home belong to the group of remedies that cover a very large number of symptoms and therefore are used in very many different conditions. This can confuse you if you don’t have a basic knowledge of homeopathy, but that will not reduce the speed nor the efficiency of remedy action in a given situation. You'll see that a number of remedies repeat: they appear in emergency as well as in acute conditions. Such is the nature of homeopathic medicine and the reason was given in the beginning of this paragraph. 



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