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Gordana Jujić


Gordana Jujić, homeopath, writer and translator, began research in the field of homeopathy from personal reasons, 1998. By 2010 she was self-taught, at the same time treating her family. At that time she spreads the idea of homeopathy in the close surroundings as well as through the Internet.

2009 she published a book about her own experiences: "Homeopathy - Family experiences".

2010 started formal education at the Center for Classical Homeopathy "Simillimum" in Belgrade.

During 2011/2012 she continued learning under the mentorship and supervision of Joy Lucas, Saddleworth, UK.

2013 becomes a co-founder of Homeopathic-holistic center "Homeocare" in Belgrade, with Suzana Djokić and Gokhan Senturk.

She is a winner of the "Award for proven knowledge in the field of homeopathic repertorization" for 2014, awarded by Roger van Zandvoort, author of Complete Repertory.

2015 completed postgraduate studies at Contemporary College of Homeopathy, Bristol, UK.

Since 2010 she moderates Facebook page, of mainly educational character, intended primarily for laymen and users of homeopathy

In 2016 she launched this portal, as well as the page with the aim of informing the public about the movement of homeopathy in the region, the possibilities of this medicine, putting emphasis on education in this field.

She lives and works in Smederevo, Serbia.

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