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Becoming a Homeopath: The Early Days

I have a confession to make: once, I didn’t think highly of homoeopathy. It seemed quaint, old-fashioned and if at all useful, only for the most minor of complaints. But that was before I had used it.

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Documentary ’Magic Pills’ in Belgrade

We have written many times, we will continue to write, but probably we will leave to following generations unfinished work about the issue: how long homeopathy still has to be proven? How many evidences need to be presented to the public?

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Review of developments regarding on one case of treatment with the remedy Lyssinum

If you type the keywords from this article on the Internet, you will see the media madness that happens just these days as part of a general campaign against homeopathy. A few months ago, the colleague published a case of successful treatment of a four-year-old boy on her blog. A little later, she and the family of the treated boy experienced terror from all sides.

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HEALTH: The case for homeopathy

By Sarah Stacey for The Mail on Sunday

February 4, 2018

Homeopathy is under threat. In November last year, as part of cost-cutting, NHS England issued guidance to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) that it should not be available on the NHS, stating there is ‘no clear evidence to support its use’, although this is disputed (see below).

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Little pill, big trouble

To some, it’s a life-saver. To others, it’s a con trick played on the sick and vulnerable. But what’s the truth about homeopathy?

Over and over again, the doctor told her she was being silly. But Gemma knew there was something wrong. She’d fall asleep on the sofa and couldn’t be woken. She’d see strange shapes and colours. She was having difficulties remembering things in the office.

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Homeopathy Saved my Son’s Life

Says Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who

In May, 2008, 64 year old Roger Daltrey – lead singer from rock band The Who – told The Times newspaper in England how homeopathy had saved his infant son from life threatening gastro-intestinal problems.

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Fish Remedies in Homeopathy

The article on Homoeopathic Medicines made out of fishes and their preparation, properties and clinical indications etc.

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The vital force – a concept lost?

The vital force as a fundamental principle of the homeopathic treatment approach describes a life-inducing, spirit-like power that is inherent to all living things, human, animal, insect, plant.

Termed by Hahnemann as the “dynamis” it enlivens the material organism.

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All the better to eat you with...

Another gem from the treasure of Joy Lucas

An appetising look at Drosera, Sarracenia and Nepenthe

These are all carnivorous plants that capture their prey in various ways.

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Treatment of Epidemics with Homeopathy – A History

From its earliest days, homeopathy has been able to treat epidemic diseases with a substantial rate of success, when compared to conventional treatments. It was these successes that placed the practice of homeopathy so firmly in the consciousness of people world-wide.

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Royal Pains

Prince Harry’s vitality may be the direct result of the medical decisions his family has made for generations.

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I Sniff At Homeopathy

Sugar pills? Drops that taste just like water? That’s what comes to mind for most when they think of homeopathic remedies. The fact that homeopathy does so much with so little has always been it’s claim to fame.

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A Study In Materia Medica

J.T. Kent – Lesser writings

presented by Dr Robert Séror

There is a physician in this city, or at least he has a sign on his door, going about day and night seemingly not in his right mind, or if he be perfectly sane, what he does and says might be attributed to buffoonery (Stram.) with desire to calumniate (Ipec.), but if a very generous view be taken of the matter, he is not responsible for his words and conduct.

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Invitation to participate in a new remedy proving

May 19, 2017

Joy Lucas invites to participate in her new remedy proving. Here is her invitation in its entirety:

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Cancer is not a disease – it's a survival mechanism

It seems obvious that cancer cells must be responsible for the death of a person.

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I do not know whether it is because of that

In the past ten years, a lot of strange things related to homeopathy happened to me. Sometimes I had the impression that I was led by some hand bigger than me, there where needed help. My help was mostly in providing information.

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Hahnemann, a Great Prescriber!

Iman Navab

Being a homeopath prescriber is one of the sacred jobs that one can learn to do. This holy profession is a combination of coaching, science and art.

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Well, and what are you doing?

Confession of mother who in desperation began to play the doctor at her home, due to frequent illnesses of her children, many hours and days spent with them languishing at the hospital waiting rooms, because of kilograms of various preparations that they were taking in themselves, often without curing with the same.

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Aconitum napellus

If we translate conditions, situations and symptoms that require Aconitum into our spoken language, the meaning would be: abruptly, sudden.

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Energy level: grief, and homeopathic treatment

Energy Level 75: Grief

This is the level of sadness, loss, and despondency. Most of us have experienced it for periods of time, but those who remain at this level live a life of constant regret and depression.

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