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Documentary ’Magic Pills’ in Belgrade

We have written many times, we will continue to write, but probably we will leave to following generations unfinished work about the issue: how long homeopathy still has to be proven? How many evidences need to be presented to the public?

How many reports with evidences on reasearches in homeopathy will be hidden from public like the last big report from Australia in 2012 and then mysteriously replaced with the other, false, in 2015?

When we opted to become homeopaths, how much did we know that besides many years of learning, and then, along with the mission to which we dedicated ourselves, a constant struggle awaits us to prove the proven? Would we had hesitation that we knew it? We believe that most of homeopaths would answer ’no’. We would had no hesitation because dealing with homeopathy requires courage, resolve and perseverance. Brave, decisive and persevering always has some sort of struggle. It is usually the essence and ultimate goal of every struggle – to prove the truth. To accomplish some justice, to show that you are a free person, you have your rights.

Still, are we not tired sometimes of this constant struggle to prove already proven, clarify facts clear as the day? We are people who want to help other people. People today need our help so much and this 'carrying Coals to Newcastle' has become not only meaningless, but it takes away valuable time and energy and alienates us from the main business. It seems that this is the goal of constant repetition of the same mechanisms of stupid actions for which somebody (or something) gives a lot of time and money in order to keep on the edge of a razor the question that has been persisting since the onset of homeopathy: does it work?

Yes, it works! We quote the simple and logical question aksed by Camilla Sherr in the movie Magic Pills: Homeopathy – Promise or Placebo: “Do you really think that anyone would to be a homeopath if it didn’t work?”

Continuous repetition of the same question and the same answer. Each time a different package of evidences. And more evidences. Skeptics who are not even real skeptics tirelessly cause us to convince them. Then the public who is hungry of the battle of the gladiator. Then self-proclaimed scientific scholars (these are the scholars who cherish their beards with nodding their heads).

Some of us have been bored by this dead race. They say, "Enough with that, let's doing our job and not paying attention." But is this possible when laws constantly change and introduce the restrictions? When people in our profession are threatened with dangerous threats, many of which have been accomplished? It's impossible to close your eyes. It should not be possible that we are not interested if it happens in another country or on a remote continent. If it's happening there right now, a simple logic says it will happen once in front of your door. The fight must continue. We do not want it, but under constant attacks we have to defend ourselves. And we do not defend ourselves personally, but defend all people who need rights and help. We defend the future of mankind. It can sound grandiose when it is said like this, but: it is grandiose. We are part of a huge battle in a great war. Unfair war.

Since the rules of this struggle are insidious and the enemy is often invisible and disguised, we need to develop good weapons for defense, unusual as homeopathy itself. In this kind of a battle the tools cannot be rough. They need to be fine and beautiful. Just like our medicine. And so some of us get ideas to fight against great hatred, stupidity and ignorance, which lie at the heart of all actions against homeopathy, to fight with contrary weapons. Creativity. Imagination. Inspiration. Knowledge.


Ananda More, homeopath and filmmaker, came to idea to make a documentary and shine a light on the scientists, doctors, and health practitioners whose work has been hidden from the public, wrongfully discredited and silenced in the name of skepticism and public protection. Ananda explored multiple media campaigns against homeopathy and embarked on a journey, spiritual, physical and professional, to finally answer the question: whether homeopathy is truly science-based and effective or a mere placebo that endangers lives?

We will write more about the synopsis in following articles, but we will not uncover nor explain too much.

What we can offer and what we are going to do in the next period of time is to provide you an opportunity to watch the movie.



We are looking forward to announce the premiere of the documentary film “Magic pills: Promise or Placebo?” in Belgrade, December 22 this year.


In a wave of projections in the last few months, Belgrade will be among the first cities in Europe in which this film will be presented to the public.

Ananda More, co-writer, director and film maker, defined the subject of the film as a question: "I want to know – does homeopathy really work?"

We give you a unique opportunity to see on December 22th in Belgrade what is her answer to this question.

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