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Case of deaf and dumb depressed woman

Dr Raksha Thakkar presents the case of deaf and dumb woman with anxiety accompanied with great suspiciousness.

Curing a person often means not only relieve them of symptoms, but returning and sometimes for the first time establishing normal relationships in the family.

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Glaucoma – Surgery without getting operated

Case of Madhuri Balivada

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of women's life. Two souls in single body. A woman is called complete only after having a baby.

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Fight for sanity – Alumina

Case of David Kempson

Male patient, came to me from another homoeopath, and from a naturopath using combination homoeopathy.

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The case of father nowhere to be found – Natrium muriaticum

He whispered sadly "Dr. Sahab, my father… He is gone… I searched him everywhere… He is nowhere to be found." His mourning words were conveying grief. He was gloomy when these words slithered from his tongue while his case was being received by assiduous ears of mine. These elegies imposed me to enquire further of his chronicle.

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The Story of the Ugly Duckling – Cygnus cygnus

In December 2011. A woman of 64 came to me with vertigo that had started a few months earlier. She was tall and slender, very white complexion but not pale, light-blue eyes, gray hair. Her demeanor seemed formal but not haughty and she gave the impression of a person who is willing to cooperate.

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I don't want to get older

Two years ago came the woman whose main symptom was extremely depressive state, which lasted some five months. With this depressed state there have been frequent urinary infections that were sometimes of quite strong intensity.

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My vein reminds me of a snake – Lachesis

December 2010 – Woman, 48 years old, married, 2 children, unemployed, works part time jobs because her husband is not approving her being employed, although she wants to work.

She comes because of her leg pain and varicose veins. She was recommended a vein operation, but she doesn't want to go under the procedure. She decided to try with homeopathy first.

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I often dream that I am a princess

Clinical case of a girl with eczema, ear inflammation and nasal discharge

The first consultation – March, 20th 2013

The girl M.Ć. was born in 2004. She comes for the consultation accompanied by her mother.

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Depression – Case taking and analysis

Female, 33 years, tall, strong physical constitution, pale face, dark hair and eyes. Not married, employed; finished highschool (gymnasium) and 2 years at Faculty of Philology (Russian language); several times had enrolled at various faculties and then dropped out. Lives with parents, sister (32) and brother (27). 

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A Little Girl Who Felt Abandoned – Magnesium carbonicum

I want to present a case of a 5 year old girl, whose mother took her to see me a year ago, and who responded very well to the homeopathic treatment.

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I am struggling to survive – Carcinosin

Female, 44 years, economic technician, divorced, lives with two children. She came because of sense of overloading and persistent worry and she didn’t know how to get out of that.

I am a woman of hundred problems.
I survived first divorce disastrous – alone, with two children.

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Roberto the Optimist „This is sad and beautiful world“ 

Patient: Bob, the character (actor: Roberto Benigni ) from the movie "Down by Law" (1986), directed by Jim Jarmusch 


Bob is optimistic person. An Italian who understands minimal english and all the time he writes words and phrases in his notebook. His opening line in the movie is: „This is a sad and beautiful world“ when he talks to Zack.

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