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Clinical case of a girl with eczema, ear inflammation and nasal discharge

The first consultation – March, 20th 2013

The girl M.Ć. was born in 2004. She comes for the consultation accompanied by her mother.

H: Tell me more about why did you contact homeopath...

Mother: Tonsils, difficulty breathing  - since she was born. The eczema turned up when M. was 40 days old (I remember because I took her outside for the first time). That’s when I noticed redness on her cheeks and dry skin. Then it spreaded out on her neck and hands. She didn’t have any changes on skin folds then. The eczema appears when it’s hot, she can’t stand it. It itches intensely, it’s red, then it scales and is dry, it looks like tiny pimples.

H: How did you treat the eczema?

Mother: For the first year, I put on corticosteroids, but it only works for the moment. Then with balms, but that also worked temporarily. She’s was on a diet when she was two – no peanuts, nuts and berries.  After a year she stopped with the diet.

She had the worst eczema when she was 5. The skin literally cracked and pus oozed. It was most noticable on hands – fists and fingers. And on feet – the upper parts and around ankle joints. Nothing on genital and rear. The skin smelled like antibiotics. Before that she’s been taking antibiotics for 5 months. Like a little volcano, clear yellowish liquid oozes. A month before that, she began with acupressure. She was on therapy for 6 months in total. At first the eczema would flare for 10 days, and then scabs would appear. There was a big improvement after a month. At first it was clear and yellow, then thick and white, and then dark green with dark green scabs.

H: How did you treat the eczema then?

Mother: With stonecrop, that’s a plant similar to houseleek. You peel off the lower leyer, like a scarfskin, and you put it on eczema, the location of infection.

Skin problems are constant. Balms soothes for about 2 weeks. It’s red, it peels off, and it scales. On her face, neck, hands – fingers and fists, and in the last 2 weeks on skinfolds on her elbows.

H: What makes it worse?

Mother: It gets worse when it’s hot or when she has strong occurences inside (feelings), either good or bad, like she overheats.  By the way, the parts of skin that previously had eczema, don’t get tanned when she sunbathes. She puts atopic cream now.

H: What makes it better?

Mother: At sea, she doesn’t come out of water, she loves to swim. After 2 days the eczema nearly disappears.

Now she has a small eczema on her lower lid, right on the edge, it gets red and it scales a bit. It burns a little when she puts atopic cream.

When she was 6, she had an opeartion of all three tonsils (March 2010), and after 6 months, in October, they put tubules in her eustachian tubes. The tonsils needed to be removed from her 18th month. We made a decision to operate when M. was 3 years old, but because of her frequent colds and pathological nasal smears, she had tonsils operation later when she was 6. She’s constantly on antibiotics.

H: What did the tonsils look like?

Mother: Dark red, dark violet, huge. She couldn’t hear well because of them. 6 month later, they put the tubules. 2 days after that, she had severe pain and pus oozed from her ears, sanies, even wax.

H: What did the ENT report say?

Mother: Everyone said that her mucous membrane between nose and throat (nasopharynx) was swollen, that is when they managed to see anything because of the amounts of secretion. Mucosa is violet. And she has a gothic palate.

H: What’s the secretion like?

Mother: It varies. Clear snot, trickles, when she isn’t sick. Then it’s green, light green, sticky, streching out, it’s generated little by little, but constantly. We clean it whit physiological saline. And 15 seconds after we cleaned it, it appears again.

H: And now the main problem is middle ear inflammation, isn’t that right? When did it start? (That was why they contacted me.)

Mother: It started 2 weeks ago, a viral cold. Without antibiotics. Her throat hurt while swallowing and her voice was hoarse, her throat really hurt while swallowing. And it lasted long, for 5 – 6 days. The temperature was high 39,8, which is rare for M. She was pale, white lips, like somehow she was transparent. (M. has a very white skin tone, porcelain, and her veins slightly show through skin on her face.) She had blurry eyes. Cold hands, feet, and legs, only her body was burning. Dry mouth, in addition to breathing through mouth because the secretion in her nose. We took a temperature and it was 39,8 degrees. We gave her Brufen and the temperature came down quickly.

H: How’s she like when the temperature goes down?

Mother: She has difficulty sweating, the sweat is without smell.

There are headaches too. They started between her second and third year.

M: The pain begins slowly, it presses forehead, above eyebrows, and temples. Then my stomach starts to hurt and I throw up. (says M. after mother told her to explain it. She doesn’t interrupt, she smiles while mother talks and sometimes rolls her eyes, very likable girl and very talkative.)

H: How do you throw up?

M: When my head hurts I feel like something is moving in my stomach and it goes up, and then I throw up.

Mother: She throws up easily and it doesn’t uppset her verry much. She used to puke as a baby, she was voracious. Then she would fall asleep. She literally vomits saliva, when there’s nothing to throw up.

M: Then the pain goes away and I fall asleep. Then it starts to hurt again and I throw up and get back to sleep. Everything makes me sick. I can’t even drink water.

H: How often does it happen?

Mother: Earlier it happened every 2 or 3 months, and now after the operation maybe twice a year. The last time it happened a month ago.

M: I was outside for a long time and I had a late lunch. It’s worse from noise, racket and warm air, at school. My head starts to hurt in english classes, everybody’s making noise and the teacher doesn’t know how to calm us down. And the pain goes away when I get out and get some air.

And then there’s stomach-ache number 2 (her mother introduced this kind of pain description). It’s been happening in the last 3 or 4 years. Once in 10 days, when I eat a lot in the evening. Twisting, moving pain. (The mother adds that it’s better from Espumisan drops, when she releases gasses. Stool is normal, once in 2 days or 2 times a day.)

H: What’s the middle ear infammation like?

Mother: Now it’s left ear. Either one or the other, never both at the same time. On Wednesday (March 13th) the pain woke her up at midnight. It was all alright during the day, she rode a bicycle.

M: I couldn’t sleep, like something was beating, and it hurt constantly, it hurt when I touched it. I usually sleep on the side and it feels better when it’s warm like that. But I get hot and so I roll over, I move around constantly. I took Brufen. Went to the doctor in the morning, by foot. I felt dizzy in my head, weary. I eat too little.

Mother: They gave her Panklav and Aerius for treatment. The report said it was allergic rhinitis and middle ear inflammation.

She took allergy test 3 times. The first one 3 years ago, and now 2 months ago (January 2013). She’s not allergic to anything.

H: What do you like to eat? And what not at all?

M: I don’t like to eat beans, spinach, cauliflower in soups, raw tomatos, margarine, strong onions. I like icecream, spaghetti, meat and potatos in any form.

Mother: After lunch she eats pretzel sticks or dry bread. She rarely has candy.

H: How do you sleep? In what position?

M: On my stomach, hands under pillow, sometimes on the side.

H: Dreams? What do you dream about?

M: Oh, I had all kinds of dreams. Crocodiles, whales, dolphins, they walk along rocks and say: “We’re coming for you.”  All of us went to the seaside  in a camper (she starts listing: mom, dad – they’re divorced, grandmothers and grandfathers, she and her brother). We slept there. But then it started to go down in the sea, we fell into water. One crocodile even chewed off half of the camper. Some woman came and saved my brother and me. I was very scared. I often dream about the sea or school or that I’m a princess.

I sleep long, I get up at 9.30 or 10 on weekends. Lazy girl.  What else to do when I’m at home.

Mother: She sleeps long and sound. When she’s ill, she likes me to tuck her in.

H: How would you describe yourself?

M: I don’t like to cuddle, to be kissed and smothered. When someone gets on my nerves, I don’t like that. My younger brother for exemple, we fight and hit each other when we have a quarrel. (Both she and her brother train karate.)

Mother: Forgetful.

M: We have fun at school and I remember when we head home from school, but I don’t feel like going back and asking. Sometimes I’m really absent minded. The school is boring, so we all laugh out of boredom. I like to sleep, eat, watch TV, cartoons for 1,5 to 2 hours.

Mother: They’re restricted to 2 or 3 short cartoons  and the’re allowed to play on a computer two times a day for 15 minutes. She likes to play with a ball, to read. She likes languages – German and English.

M: I don’t like to jump and run. I like bicycles, skate rollers, skates, all those means of transport (she laughs). To be with my best friend.

Mother: They play, they laugh, they talk a lot when they stay in the room.

She likes to drink Cedevita, cold, that can help with a headache. When she’s thirsty, she asks for water, not juice.  She drinks a lot of fluid, straight out of fridge, they’re accustomed to that. Apple juice, but not very sweet. Really likes pineapple juice.

H: What do you do at the seaside?

M: I go to an amusement park, then I can do wharever I want. Here’s the ticket and go for a ride. At a beach I like to swim and dive or to play a game. To go shopping.

Mother: Last summer the eczema bursted when she swam in a pool with fresh, chlorinated water.

M: Then it itches, stings, and it’s dry. It’s better when I blow at it.

In the spring I sneeze, I have a runny nose, my nose burns.

Mother: She often has herpes and earlier she had cracked corners of the mouth.

H: Favourite season?

M: Summer, winter the least – I don’t like to wear  a lot of clothes. And I don’t feel good in a warm room. From noise too.

I go to indoor swimming pool, I never miss it.

Mother: She loses her appetite when she’s sick and quickly loses her weight. But then she recovers quickly. Earlier she often used to have ear infammations, but since she had tonsils operation, she had 4 in total. The colds are less frequent and the eczema is  better after the operation. Before the operation, the eczema was on visible parts of the body and it looked so bad that people put their children away from her. On her face, neck and hands.

(Now she has eczema on fingers and between fingers, little around her eyes and on inner elbows in the shape of a rhomboid – you can see that the skin is white when compared to the rest of the skin, it doesn’t get tanned, it’s dry and flaky.)


Commentary: M. is a well-behaved little girl, with long blonde hair and porcelain skin tone. She likes to laugh and is funny, she often rolls her eyes. She doesn’t interrupt. She talks when her mother or I address her. She likes to talk. Likable. She has her own opinion. A few times her mother had said something and then she said that it was different, without raising her voice or desire to quarrel. She says that she fights with her brother when they’re at their grandparents, mother didn’t know about that.  She thinks that grandma and grandpa allow Vladimir (brother) too much. When asked what she sees as a problem, she says that she can’t blow her nose anymore. She’s always told to blow her nose. (She’s sick of it so she lets snots hang from her nose, mother says.) I’m surprised that she likes doing crosswords. She says that she and her friend write each other notes in class, when she’s bored but not allowed to talk.

M. is a child of divorced parents (2 years ago). They didn’t mention anything about it during the conversation. M. didn’t mention her father, except  when she described her dream. They’re not in good relations and she often doesn’t want to go to him, but she does anyway. When I asked about what happened that correlated with flaring up of eczema when she was 5, I coludn’t connect it with any events, except that it started a monht after the acupressure therapy.

Miasm: The dominant miasm is psoric.


Phisically: Eczema, itching, dry skin, dry mouth. Middle ear inflammation. Headaches are of the psoric type – they’re induced by hunger, vomiting eases them, as well as sleeping. Allergic rhinitis in the early spring. Stomach-ache from eating too much, accompanied by gasses. Illness quickly develops and recovery is fast too.

Mentally: Absent mindedness at school. Lazy girl. She hates to blow her nose, she always complains about that. Sensible girl, strong feelings lead to bursting of eczema.


Ample nasal discharge, bacterial (light green secretion).

Syphilitic miasm

After the acupressure, the eczema got worse, with skin cracking and oozing of pus (when she was 5). The tonsils should have been removed from her 18th month (operated when she was 6), many purulent inflammations.


ECZEMA redness, dry skin, flaking, face, neck, hands – fingers, fists, inner elbows, edge of lower eyelid

               Improvement – at the sea, doesn’t come out of the water

               Deterioration – when she’s hot, from strong emotions (good and bad)

MIDDLE EAR INFLAMMATION began with sore throat, hurts when swallowing, hoarse voice, one sided inflammation – left, better from lying on the sore side, hurts when touched, accompanied by dizziness and weariness, poor appetite, high temperature, pale face, cold hands, feet and head, only body was burning.

TONSILS frequent tonsilitis, dark violet tonsils, enlarged, swollen nasopharynx, a lot of secretion, operated when she was 6.

SECRETION nasal 1. clear, ample secretion, allergic rhinitis

                                2. light green, sticky, streching out

HEADACHES forehead, above eyebrows and in temples, accompanied by vomiting which helps, sleeping too, can’t even drink water, vomits saliva when there’s nothing else. Improvement: cold compress, cold Cedevita – it stops the headache and she doesn’t throw up; better on fresh air, worse in warm, fuggy room, from noise.

STOMACH ACHES from eating too much, moving pain, twisting, from gasses

GENERALLS better at the sea and in open air, worse in a warm room

“FAST” homeopathic remedy because of the quick development of problems and fast recovery. From VEGETABLE kingdom because she’s delicate and sensitive. Since the mother talked a lot about the problems, one would think that the remedy is from mineral kingdom, but I estimated that that was her mother’s constitution.


Mind, absentminded

Mind, mildness

Mind, sensitive, children

Mind, ailments, excitement, emotional (every major excitement leads to skin eruptions)

Mind, ailments, joy, excessive

Head, pain, cold applications, amel.

Head, pain, accompanied by, vomiting

Head, pain, air, open, amel. (headache often starts at school and stops after going out on fresh air)

Head, pain, noise from

Head, pain, sleep, after, amel.

Head, pain, warm, room, agg.

Head, pain, forehead, room in a, warm

Head, pain, forehead, eyes, above

Head, pain, temples

Ear, inflammation, media  (current problem, about which they came for the consultation)

Ear, pain, left

Throat, discoloration, purple      

Extr, eruptions, hands, between the fingers (the most visible changes on skin)

Extr, eruptions, elbow, bend of

Eye, eruptions, lids on

Skin, discoloration, pale

Skin, eruptions, desquamating

Skin, eruptions, itching

Skin, eruptions, eczema

Nose, discharge, copius (ample secretion forces the patient to blow her nose so frequently that she can’t do it anymore)

Nose, discharge, greenish

Nose, discharge, tick

Nose, discharge, posterior nares

Nose, discharge, watery

Nose, hayfever

Abdomen, flatulence, evening

Generals, air, indoor air, agg.

Generals, air, open air, amel.

Generals, bathing, sea, bathing in the amel.

Generals, air, seaside, air at the, amel. (fast recovery from eczema and total withdrawal after only couple of days)

Repertorisation: Nat-mur, Phos, Puls, Psor, Sulph

Dif. Dg:  Puls/Phos

Pulsatilla pratensis: Feminine remedy, above all for delicate, gentle persons. Changing moods and physical symptoms. The patient is better on open air, even when she’s a little cold. Mucous membranes are attained. Discharge is thick, greenish. Extreme sensitivity. Constitution: blonde hair, pale face, easily cries or laughs.

Phosphorus: It has irritable, inflammatory and degenerative effect on mucous membranes, serous membranes, spinal cord and nerves. Oversensitive to outer impulses. Timidity, gets easily upset. Nervous, weak. Respiratory system especially sensitive.


Potency: 6c (water solution, 1 drop) every 2 weeks

Rationale: The patient corresponds to vegetable kingdom better then to mineral, because she is very emotionaly sensitive. She is a shy, delicate, likeble little girl. The main problem is skin eczema, which flares up when she’s hot or when she’s in a strong emotional state. There’s ample secretion that varies in its appearance. Improvement  of symptoms on open air. Potency is 6c so that we can avoid deterioration of eczema, like the one that happened during the acupressure therapy.

Prognosis: At first, as we keep track of development of symptoms, the rednnes and flaking on the lower edge of the lid should disappear. Reduced frequency of headaches and flaring up of the eczema is expected.

Branka Popović

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