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The case of father nowhere to be found – Natrium muriaticum

He whispered sadly "Dr. Sahab, my father… He is gone… I searched him everywhere… He is nowhere to be found." His mourning words were conveying grief. He was gloomy when these words slithered from his tongue while his case was being received by assiduous ears of mine. These elegies imposed me to enquire further of his chronicle.

He continued in the same doleful course "I was only 4 years old when my father left us. He was an alcoholic, and habitually had regular verbal fights with our fellow society residents and my mother. One fine day while he was drunk and was under the demonic influence of alcohol he had massive heated argument with neighbours and therefore was thrashed and beaten up by public. That day he left our house and went missing to never return. It has been more than 15yrs he has not returned. My eyes keep searching him on the streets and into the local trains while I am coming or going to office. The moment I see an old beggar, I make an attempt to discover if he is my father. And each time I am disappointed. He is nowhere to be found. I feel sympathy and compassion for those mendicants and vagabonds."

This 20 years young hypertensive office boy admitted in Male General Ward of a reputed Hospital in Mumbai, got referred to homoeopathy for taking care of him, after a month of several unsuccessful efforts were completed by our dearest allopathic colleagues.

He was being treated for his continuing hypertension and dry cough that was a regular visitor to him every single night disturbing his sleep since last one month. In the beginning the cough persevered for more than 30 minutes, but after taking the 2 course of antibiotics and expectorant syrups it has reduced now and it persists only for 20 minutes. Each episode of cough ended in vomiting thereafter relieving his cough for some time. His hypertension received an antihypertensive drug with market name of Tab.Telma 40 1OD, which was still insufficient to preserve his blood pressure readings within normal limits. The patient was scanned during his early days of hospital stay and none of the reports stood of slightest assistance to arrive at a diagnosis.

He was attended by his mother in the Hospital Male General ward, while the interview was in progress. I requested her to describe conduct of her son to which she responded calmly "Dr.Sahab, he is good by nature, on no occasion gives back answer, by no means argues, he has not one bad habit nor any kind of addictions. He is an obedient son and whatever I say he abides by it. Even if someone tries to discuss disputes and argues with him, he won’t. He will listen to them and will certainly not fight. He gets irritated on several occasions but will by no means speak it out. As a student he was average in studies, had no extraordinary curiosity in studies. As a consequence he failed twice in 10th standard in English and Marathi subject."

The same question was repeated to the patient and I asked him to describe himself and he replied, "Dr. Sahab, I don’t like to talk much and prefer to keep silent. I have only a small number of friends and I don’t like to go out for roaming. I prefer to stay home and spend time with my mother. Even during my childhood I used to be at home and watch TV or play games, I did not enjoyed to go out and play with other people. I want to earn lots of money in a very little time phase, so that I can be of help to my mother. I want her to just relax and not work in other people’s house. I am working from the age of 15 years. If I don’t earn from where will the money come? I cannot remember things easily, if two or three assignments are given on one occasion I am inclined to get confused. Even during my school days I used to get jumbled while I read my books, therefore I failed twice in school examinations… Dr.Sahab… I have reduced my diet since I feel I have put on weight and grown obese. My friends comment and create jokes on my plumpness, I feel bad, but never uttered any word of anger to them."

He was administered Single Dose of NATRUM MURIATICUM in 200 potency which relieved him of his cough instantly in next 24 hours and also his blood pressure readings returned within normal range without needing assistance of any antihypertensive. He was not only free form the disturbing cough but also from lingering hypertension.


1. Mind – Grief Silent
2. Mind – Dwells Past Disagreeable Occurrences
3. Mind – Forgetfulness mental exertion from
4. Mind – Responsibility Strong

Dr. Sushil Subhashchandra Dubey M.D (Hom)

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