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Fight for sanity – Alumina

Case of David Kempson

Male patient, came to me from another homoeopath, and from a naturopath using combination homoeopathy.

He had been given an 'environmental cleansing remedy' which was a mix of 12 medicines including Arsenicum, Mercury, and Zinc.

The classical homoeopath had given him Phosphorous, and had been so convinced of it had tried several potencies. Considering the case given I was pretty surprised by this.

For 2 1/2 years he had experienced Anxiety attacks, Claustrophobia, Murderous thoughts, had been experiencing what he called a Nervous breakdown.

The parents attended the interview with him, as he was extremely unwell mentally. In fact he was a danger to himself and to others. This was my most serious mental health case to date (perhaps even to today).

The family had lived in an apartment block where an infamous criminal had lived – the story the parents told was that this person had enemies, and the water supply in the building had been poisoned. This had become a police case (so as incredible as it sounded, it appeared to have really happened). The whole building had become sick, and the water was tested and the poison found (I didn't record the exact poison in my notes). It was several weeks after this that the patient's symptoms began.

"I had been thinking about the war in Iraq, when suddenly the thoughts got big on me. Something weird happened in the back of my head. There was this blinding pain, I thought I would black out."

"I was given this cleansing medicine from a naturopath - in a clinic that has a reputation for helping people detox with homoeopathy. The cure all sorts of allergies and things too. But whenever I take their medicine, I get this eczema on my hands, it gets really itchy and becomes too much. I have to stop the medicine then. I used to be able to take it for 2-3 months before that would happen (!) but now it happens after 2-4 days. They told me that it was the poison coming out of my body, but I don't feel any better for it" (no wonder, such rubbish...).

Tell me about these thoughts

"Murderous, homicidal thoughts. If I see a knife, you have to hide it! I don't trust myself. I have been put on sleeping medication for the last 4 months too. I thought I was losing my mind. I have become scared of everything. I am trying to reduce the medication as I am worried that it might be responsible be having side effects (the murderous thoughts)."

Observation: Patient's voice is trembling

What was the reason you were put on medication?

"My sleep was very bad - I would sleep for 20 minutes then wake up for hours at a time. I am very restless at night, physically and mentally, especially my legs. I sleep on my sides but I change sides all the time, constant tossing and turning all the time."

Any dreams?

"I dream about my sanity, that I am fighting for my sanity. I dream about grotesque things like dead bodies that have been killed violently, with blood. In my dreams I get these screwball thoughts in my head about religion, asking myself how will I become a priest."

Tell me more about what is happening to you

"I lack self-confidence. I am very insecure. I am driving myself nuts, oddball thoughts, weird thoughts. I feel bereft of my senses, my mind is shot."

"I am afraid I am becoming insane, I will lose the plot. I get insecure, I want to rush home, home is secure. I feel better with my father."

"I don't trust myself with my mother or my sister. There is doubt in me. Will I act on it? What will I do? I see the results of what would happen if I acted on the impulse."

"I feel it in the shower, this insecurity. The thoughts are worse there. My thoughts are jammed in the narrow confines of the shower. It is alright if I can see out."

"I hate travelling, I feel more detached. I fear losing the plot."


"I am on autopilot. Life is like a window, I am just watching it."

"If I see something associated with violence, I see the results of the violence. So if I see a gun, I see a person shot. If I see a fight, I see one of the people dead and bloody. If I see a knife, I see it in the body of a person."

Tell me, did anything unusual happen before the first event? (the sudden change in your thoughts)

(He thinks for a while)

"I did get a sliver of metal in my hand. I was given antibiotics to ward off possible infection, but my throat closed up. Then I was given stronger antibiotics."

"I had just gotten over that when I broke my leg. Given drugs for that. 2 weeks later I got that first feeling in my head."

"One other thing I have to tell you, I am afraid to be on my own somewhere there aren't many people, like the bush. I feel very isolated. I am also terrified of guns – I used to hunt sometimes but now I am afraid I will shoot my brother."


There are always different ways of looking at a case, and several remedies may cover it to different degrees. The Phosphorous was a mistake, but one can forgive the confusion as these two remedies might look a little alike in terms of the foggy, disconnected, lack of boundaries kind of state.

There are possible causations here – poisoning, drug reactions, injury. However nothing is definite and the state is clear as day.


His mind is breaking down. He has lost control of his thoughts. He is experiencing destruction of his mind and even his personality. Any impulse that comes to him might be acted upon, and violence is the most frightening to him. He could kill in this state, he has so little control. This is the Syphilitic miasm. This is the Silicea series on the periodic table. This is a clear cut case of Alumina. Understanding both miasm and grouping can help to create further confidence in any prescription.

I had to spend quite some time educating his family about what to expect. They were desperate and so actually quite open to homoeopathy.



I prescribed Alumina 1M, 10 drops given once only.

Why 1M? He had already suffered an extreme reaction to the remedies he had been given. One could think that he was oversensitive.

But the main factor in choosing potency is intensity, and the intensity of the case was extremely high. As per those guidelines also developed by Dr. Sankaran the focus of the vital disruption here was clearly in the mental sphere and expressing itself as delusions and hallucinations, suggesting 1M is more appropriate.

The family had travelled a long way to see me. A follow up in person was impossible for quite some time. In the first week there were several concerned phone conversations as he aggravated. I worked very hard to keep the parents onside and committed to the process.

After three weeks roughly, he started to calm down. I spoke to him on the phone, he said that he felt something happen, almost as suddenly as it had occurred, the pieces of his mind came back together. He said there was an audible (to him) click. His thoughts began to feel more normal again, he felt like he was reassuming his normal shape (which I found interesting for him to say, considering that Alumina is in fact Clay). In fact he expressed many more source words for Clay in the the follow up than the initial interview - shape, moulding, smooth and so on. His asthma became worse, the eczema flared up, his sleep worsened then improved. His parents were open to the idea of reducing medication if they felt this change was permanent.

Several phone conversations ensued over the next few months. He never repeated his remedy. He found a sympathetic counsellor and worked through the trauma of the last few years – I would have acted in this capacity but I was simply too far away. His improvement was rapid with this face-to-face support.

Edited by Gordana Jujić

Published with permission of David Kempson

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