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A Little Girl Who Felt Abandoned – Magnesium carbonicum

I want to present a case of a 5 year old girl, whose mother took her to see me a year ago, and who responded very well to the homeopathic treatment.

This example shows that homeopathy works wonderfully not only on physical pain but also profoundly affects the psyche itself, so that, relatively quickly, it can bring great and permanent relieves and changes about a large number of various emotional sufferings.

The girl’s first problems began when her parents were getting a divorce. From that time on, she becomes very withdrawn, and tends to burst into tears suddenly over every little thing. Every time she’d see her father, she’d ask him to come home and not to leave them. She would blubber about her parents not loving her and not thinking about her, but only about themselves 

After a while, when father told her and her older sister that he won’t be coming back for sure and that he had decided to remarry, the girl’s condition has gotten worse. Her withdrawal was becoming more and more evident, until she reached a stage in which she didn’t want to communicate and wanted only to be left alone. She couldn’t stand to be watched and for that reason she refused to go outside and to daycare. She avoided the kids she used to get along with, lost her appetite and even became aggressive towards those who insisted to get close to her or asked her to join them in their activities. The mother was forced to remove her from daycare for a while and leave her at her grandmother’s.  The girl didn’t want to communicate much with her grandmother either, she would barely say a few words during the whole day, and she would usually spend time pensively sitting in her room, playing alone with her favourite toys that father bought her, or she would sometimes watch TV.

She didn’t sleep well at night and she would often wake up crying. When her mother would try to take her in her arms and comfort her, she would just push her away silently.

She was completely uninterested in the world around her and was only engrossed in her inner pain.

It is obvious that the case was dominated by feelings of abandonment and grief, because she experienced the divorce as like she wasn’t loved and wanted by her parents, especially by her father who decided to start a new family.

After she had received the first dosage of Magnesium carbonicum, which was repeated in different potencies in the next several months, she slowly began to return to previous state and her introversion started to withdraw. She began to take interest in the world around her, to play with her older sister and to communicate more, at first with her mother and then, in time, with others. She regained her appetite, even asked for food by herself for the first time in a long time, she was sleeping better, without waking up and crying.

After 3 repeated dosages of the remedy, the girl clearly got better, and 4 months after our initial meeting, she was ready to get back into society.

Suzana Đokić

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