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The book "Rubrics of the Mind for the 21st Century" by Joy Lukas is a kind of homeopathic textbook – Materia medica and guide through about thirty rubrics and a bit more than sixty remedies. It is divided into five parts-chapters: Damage, Endurance, Terror, Waste and Wilderness.

In the way of thinking and knowledge transfer, Joy Lucas captivates with knowledge of Materia medica same as finding creative unambiguous links between phenomena in nature and a man as an inseparable part of this same nature – man as a being, as an individual with all the innate and acquired limitations, a man who, when sometimes is kicked out of balance that is inherent to him – becomes ill.



Homeopathy for Childhood Diseases, by Ann Sorrell


Homeopathy for Childhood Diseases is a collection of four books which are easy-to-use practical guides for prescribing safe, non-toxic homeopathic remedies for the common symptoms of measles, mumps, chickenpox or whooping cough.

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