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"Balkanopathy" is the first internet magazine dedicated to homeopathy in the Balkans – more specifically, to homeopathy in the area of former Yugoslavia.

The idea to initiate this journal was born during the attending of post-graduate studies, when we were gathered together in Belgrade on several occasions, from different parts of our former common state. Forty five of us, who attended and completed this part of the studies, in these days of hard work and evenings of even harder fun – we exchanged more than homeopathic issues. Due to so much good energy, dedicated work and enthusiasm by which we have been overwhelmed, in the mind of littleness who is speaking here to you, appeared the thought on the initiative for creating of something new and bigger than what we have now – all of us.

  • December 2017


    - A word from the editor
    - So, you think you know Phosphorus
    - A lady's true friend, diamond (Adamas)
    - The Red Admiral, military man among the ladies
    - Spigelia, the essence
    - Proving of Bambusa arundinacea, the view of Camilla Glantz
    - Proving of Bambusa arundinacea, the view of Julian Winston
    - Hahnemann's advanced methods, Part 7: Administering the dose
    - Herbalism and homeopathy, Part 5: Spreading of Homeopathy
    - Story of Darwin and his homeopathic doctor

    - Little pill, big trouble
    - Musca domestica, a case from practice
    - Natrium muriaticum, a case from practice

  • September 2017


    - A word from the editor
    - How homeopathy works
    - The vital force – concept lost
    - A study in Materia Medica, J.T. Kent
    - Fish remedies
    - Hahnemann’s advanced methods, Part 6
    - Clouds of Ammonia
    - Proving of Ovi gallinae pellicula
    - The family of Calcium carbonicum
    - Marble is made under pressure
    - Carnivorous plants and remedies

    - Herbalism and Homeopathy, Part 4
    - Treatment of Epidemics with Homeopathy

  • June 2017


    - A word from the editor
    - Homeoprophylaxis, The light at the end of the tunnel
    - What do patients really think of homeopathy
    - Guidelines to case taking
    - Herbal medicine and Homeopathy, Part 3
    - Rubric “Cruelty” and remedies – China officinalis
    - Hashish case
    - Bambusa arundinacea: Bending over backwards
    - Never Been Well Since
    - Hahnemann’s Advanced Methods, Part 5 – Speeding the cure

    - Causticum: Good Samaritan or Campaigner


  • March 2017


    - Taking the case under supervision

  • August 2016


    - A word from the editor
    - Miraculous Arnica; Gordana Jujić
    - Heart of gold – Aurum metallicum; Joy Lucas
    - Herbal medicine and Homeopathy, Part 1; Gordana Jujić
    - Hahnemann's advanced methods, Part 3 – Managing the case; David Little
    - Water, thank you; Branka Popović
    - Mental make up – Aurum muriaticum natronatum; Terje Wulfsberg



  • July 2016


    - New ideas, the potential of homeopathy and resistance to changes
    - Fever in children
    - Book of the month: Rubrics of the Mind for the 21st Century, Joy Lucas – Review
    - A word from the editor
    - Interview: Peter Naydenov, Bulgaria
    - Understanding Nature to Learn Materia Medica, Dana Ulman
    - Lachesis, the type
    - Niccolum – Clinical case, Edson Sampaio
    - Niccolum metallicum, Rubrics of the mind for 21st century, Joy Lucas
    - Hahnemann’s advanced methods, Part 2 – Medicinal solution, David Little
    - Rhodium metallicum – Proving, Joy Lucas

  • June 2016


    - From Hippocrates till Hahnemann
    - Homeopathic Remedies in Every Home
    - Book of the month: Rubrics of the Mind for the 21st Century, Joy Lucas – Review
    - A word from the editor
    - Croatian Association of Homeopaths – Interview with Ivan Šimetin, president
    - How do super-Avogadro dilutions in Homeopathy work? – Dr. Nancy Malik
    - The first postgraduate students of homeopathy in the Balkans by advanced Orion program
    - Alright, let me try that Homeopathy, Tomaž Pliberšek
    - Some reflections in the spirit of Edward Whitmont
    - The Acids, Joy Lucas
    - The Knife, Rajesh Rajendran
    - The Four fundamental laws of Homeopathy
    - The Pellet - Boston, year 1872, Iman Navab
    - Hahnemann’s Advanced Methods, Hahnemannian Homeopathy, David Little

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