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A word from the editor

In third, August issue of the magazine, you can read part 3 of lecture series by David Little "Hahnemann’s Advanced Methods” on managing the case until complete healing, part 1 Gordana Jujić’s work on the topic "Herbal medicine and Homeopathy – clarifications and comparison", an interesting work of Branka Popović about water, concise profile of the remedy Aurum muriaticum natronatum from the book "Three pieces of Gold” by Terje Wulfsberg, review of the book "Homeopathy for childhood diseases" by Ann Sorrell, as well as several cases from the practice, among which is one case of our colleague Dr. Sushil S. Dubey from India, Mumbai, to whom I am thanking for collaboration and support.

In this issue, at the moment of publishing, content in Serbian is somewhat more extensive than in English, from technical reasons because of vacation of the associates. In the next few days we will translate and publish the English version of those articles that are not translated until now.

I use this reason to repeat the call to all colleagues, to send their works, reviews of the books, cases from the practice. Every your work is a great support to this portal which is made with an idea to provide by time deserved place to homeopathy in the Balkans, as well as enable insight in status of homeopathy here to our colleagues worldwide, with final goal that through publishing and interchange of our works and results a large number of end users – the people who need help, come to homeopathy, which will release them from ailments permanently.

Thanks to all.

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