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Miraculous Arnica

Arnica montana – Arnica (Arn)

Arnica is the remedy that should be found in every home first aid kit. Even people who "do not believe" in homeopathic medicine should be wise and keep this medicine at home. Most people paid attention to homeopathy and started thinking about it just after the first use of this remedy.

Arnica is given for all types of injuries as the first remedy, without thinking. Especially for injuries caused by a fall and/or a blow in head as well as injuries caused by a blow with a blunt object, this is a remedy that will show its miraculous effect. Considering that in injuries of any kind the person comes into a state of shock, Arnica, like any other homeopathic remedy (if indicated for the condition) will act on that part of being. Arnica state of shock is very characteristic and sometimes it can happen that by the behavior of the person you will realize that they need this remedy, before you realize or see that the person is injured (no blood, you have not seen what happened, there is no obvious physical symptoms). It is that state of shock in which injured person with the words and the overall behavior, as well as body movements, says: "Nothing is wrong with me. I am well." In Arnica state, the person is either objectively very severe injured either feel this way, that in a state of shock refuses to accept it consciously or has a fear that they might be more hurted and therefore will obviously show or say: "Do not come near to me." It is a reaction that can be seen in the war, when a man is fatally hurted by bullet, he bleeds but does not see, and when sees has an expression of surprise on the face: "What is this? Everything is well with me."

These are the situations when Arnica is given without much thought - all conditions of injuries with or without visible emotional shock.

Keywords for conditions requiring Arnica (later maybe/probably will be indicated another homeopathic remedy, but Arnica is the first drug of choice):

- fall, especially on head or blow on the head;

- shell shock;

- dislocations, sprains;

- blows with or without obvious bruises; overloading of physical work or sports activities – CRUCIAL IS THAT IN THESE CONDITIONS THE PERSON FEELS PAINS AS FROM BRUISES;

- surgical interventions – reduces bleeding and accelerates tissue healing (when it is about surgeries should be considered giving of other remedies, as: Aconitum, Staphisagria, Bellis perennis...);

- during the childbirth.

These are just a few of conditions indicated for giving of Arnica. We can talk about healing of many, severe and long lasted conditions caused by trauma that happened in the past, perhaps for decades.

Due to these, severe and non cured conditions, organism can develop pathology that lasts a lifetime. Arnica in such cases can lead to miraculous cures.

"Don’t forget ARNICA to combat the shock we get in those terrible auto accidents – it is better than an opiate." – Dr. Charles. A. Dixon, M.D

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