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Heart of Gold – Aurum metallicum

Joy Lucas

Depression and loathing of life is the end result with Aurum - it is profound. But in the early stages the symptom picture can be somewhat different. They tend to be 'closed' people and loners, do not talk very much at all, but are industrious, loyal, often reach high places in society, which translates into wealth and acquisition - remember that gold is valuable and sought after and so they are driven to achieve a noticeable position.


But even in the early stages they will show a tendency to despondency, sometimes presenting as acute bouts of depression accompanied by substantial irritability or anger. But in these early stages they will be able to overcome these mental and emotional states but giving way to physical pathology.

This can take many forms but bone pains or structural change will be noticed; glands become swollen; menses cease or become scanty; eye and ear infections remain for a long time; teeth decay; violent headaches are experienced and on a more serious level there will be heart and/or liver disease. Most discharges during acute illness produce a foul smelling substance. Sleep is always disturbed bringing to the fore the syphilitic modality of always being <<< night.

On a personal level they will have difficulty with relationships because they cannot express their emotions very well, if at all. But they take everything in and take criticism to the heart - literally the heart becomes an organ of pathology in the Aurum symptom picture - so everything becomes suppressed and deep. Being very serious people they do not make any allowances for harsh words directed at them, they just accept them as true and a worthless self image develops and takes hold.

As the pathology progresses and they take on more suppressed feelings and hurt they have to find an outlet for all these suppressed emotions, which usually presents as resentment, rage and irritability which begins to overtake them. To compensate for this they become even more involved with their work, become even more industrious and workaholic but as this doesn't really help, as it doesn't restore any harmony. At this point they might take on a serious religious belief, as if looking for divine intervention or at least some solace and help – this too compounds an already dangerous situation – melting point as the gold begins liquefy.

It is then that they truly feel that everything in their life has failed and they see no more reason to live. Thoughts of suicide are very real to them and the emotional suppression of such high magnitude will always match the level of decay witnessed on the physical and mental levels.

Although not a religious person myself I have always been inspired by Didier Grandgeorge’s comment regarding Aurum - “the first ‘homeopathic’ dilution of Aurum appears in the bible, when Moses comes down from Mount Sinai with the stone tablets in which the law of god is inscribed. He finds the Hebrews absorbed in worship of the golden calf. In anger, he breaks the golden calf into pieces, reduces it to a powder and scatters it on the water, which he then gives the Hebrews to drink”.

Published with permission of Joy Lucas

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