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Mental make up – Aurum muriaticum natronatum

From the book "Three Pieces of Gold" by Terje Wulfsberg

Very interesting personality traits which invariably works against its own good in the end.

Natrum muriaticum switches the need for justice in Aurum to the thought: 'I know what you are up to.' No real suspicion. He does, however, quickly form a definite opinion about somebody. With Natrum muriaticum, such an opinion is usually correct, but not with this remedy. (Vrijlandt] )

"Similarity with Phos, a remedy that also has a tendency to the formation of fibromas. However, where Phos is open and warm, Aur-m-n has no trace of this characteristic. The similarity involves the refinement, sensitivity, receptivity, and even the charisma, but that is where the similarity ends, because the openness and the strong contactual qualities of Phos are lacking. On the contrary, Aur-m-n is sooner reserved, diffident and closed during initial contact." (Vithoulkas)

Laugh and smile when telling of serious and sad events.
They make it appear as if nothing touches them.
They can have a sardonic, grim form of humour, esp. the cool, tough macho type. (Wulfsberg)

Daredevils. Accident- prone. Want to try anything new.
They want to escape their inner disharmony, to compensate, to cover up and protect their inner vulnerability. These activities also give them approval and admiration, for which they have a strong need. They try to conquer everything in themselves that they perceive as a weakness. (Wulfsberg)


Cautiousness. Yielding.
Avoidance of any risks. Fear of undertaking anything new (from strong fear of failure and rejection). (Wulfsberg)
Oversensitive to being a burden to others.

Compulsion - addiction (all Aurums): food addictions; abuse of coffee, alcohol, tobacco or stimulants; excesses.

Fear of strangers and feeling uncomfortable in social settings and gatherings.

Sarcasm or tendency to tease family members (to vent pent up anger), esp. if treated unfair or criticised. (Wulfsberg)
Aurum muriaticum natronatum is very close to Aurum muriaticum, with the difference being that Aurum-mur-natr. is harder and more aggressive on all levels. Mentally it is not as open and sympathetic as Aurum muriaticum, it is rather more introverted and the element of anger is more pronounced.

Strong tendency to self pity.

Eager to receive compliments and flattery.
At the same time they often have difficulties in handling compliments and emotions from others as this makes them feel out of control and therefore uncomfortable. (Wulfsberg)

Tendency to escape in fantasy worlds where everything is perfect.
They can have exaggerated expectations regarding the opposite sex and relationships. (Wulfsberg)

"Wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy." (Nietszche)

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