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Homeopathy for Childhood Diseases, by Ann Sorrell


Homeopathy for Childhood Diseases is a collection of four books which are easy-to-use practical guides for prescribing safe, non-toxic homeopathic remedies for the common symptoms of measles, mumps, chickenpox or whooping cough.

Homeopathy treats the person not the disease. Homeopathic remedies have no side-effects and, when prescribed correctly, cannot weaken your child's immune system. These books do not discourage essential treatment for conditions for which medical supervision should be sought, and parents and guardians are encouraged to make their own well-informed decisions regarding vaccinations.

Homeopathy for Childhood Diseases is written in an easy-to-follow style and recommends between eight to ten of the most effective homeopathic remedies in the 30c potency for the common symptoms of four childhood diseases. Homeopathic remedy descriptions are short and self-explanatory.  Readers may find the 'Self-Help' sections especially useful as they also explain how to recognize and deal with any complications. Care and safety of the child are paramount and professional medical help, including classical homeopaths, is advised should problems arise.

 A choice of international specialist suppliers of homeopathic remedies is included to help locate remedies in various countries. Another important addition is a simple three-step guide to observing and classifying reactions after giving remedies, with follow-up actions if necessary.  These suggestions concur with the principles of classical homeopathy to ensure optimal success in prescribing.

Homeopathy for Childhood Diseases also contains additional informative chapters/sections like 'Brief History and Explanation of Homeopathy', 'Some Useful Contacts', and 'Suggested Reading'. This book is interspersed with color photographs and pertinent quotations.

Homeopathy for Childhood Diseases is written for parents and guardians, and also has proved popular with homeopaths, naturopaths and other health professionals. It is now available in paperback and eBook formats from Amazon (worldwide) and direct from the USA.  

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