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Thank you, water!

The Highest Good is like water that nourishes everything without effort. Content with the low places that people despise. Therefore it’s like Tao. In your dwelling, live near the soil. In your thinking, be simple. In an argument, be fair and generous. In ruling, don’t try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be omnipresent. When you are satisfied with simply being what you are, without comparing and competing with others, everyone will respect you. (Lao Tzu)

Through history…

Thales of Miletus (a mathematician and a philosopher, lived in the VI century BC) was the first to try to bring down the diversity of phenomena to one parametar: water. For Thales, the whole Universe is a living organism which feeds on gasps of water. He exceeded all other thinkers by the versatility of his activities: he was a hydro tehnician, nautical engineer, salesman, politician, astronomer, mathematician and a philosopher. Provided that he was a genius practitioner (Arist. Polit. Ι 11,1259 a 6), he was the only one of the Seven Sages that raised above the sphere of plain usefulness in his thinking (Plut. Sol. 3), and thereby became not only a direct founder of Ionian school and philosophy, but also an indirect originator of science and philosophy in general. By removing all mythological and theological elements, and bringing in natural causes and effects, he was the first to rationally attempt to explain nature (φύσιν) naturally. Observing certain objects, phenomena and processes in nature, both organic and inorganic, he found change, and in that change he found something unchangeable, from which everything stems and everything dissolves in, and that’s water. Thus, as the first principle he deemed substance that can be empirically examined, and water for him was not only a common first principle of life, but also an absolut cosmic principle, because without water there’s no moisture and fluidity, and without moisture there’s no food, life or warmth. Water obviously turns into vapour, snow and ice: that’s how everything else originates from water and turns back to water again.

The problem that Thales posed – which was the core problem of philosophers and Milesian school and the whole cosmological period of Greek philosophy – was to determine what arhé is, what is the first cause of the world, that which outlives every transient change, from which everything originates and everything goes back into. In his attempt to rationally interpret everything that exists, Thales excluded all explanations that appealed to gods or supernatural beings. From the attempts to explain the world (here the words “world”, “nature” and “everything” are used as synonims) Thales was the first to remove myth, and thereby deserved the label of the first philosopher.

The hidden messages in water

The text is also a tribute to the character and works of Dr. Masaru Emoto who ended his journey on Earth on October 17th, 2014. Every end is yet a beginning or to quote the doctor himself “Life is love which is a gift from God and parents, and death is a gratitude for leaving to another dimension.” Everyone who came across with works of Dr. Emoto also came to know the significance of LOVE and GRATITUDE, the emotions which, when unified, create one of the most beautiful water crystals.

If we imagine that we had been water before we became human beings, we’ll get closer to the answer to the basic question: what is a human being. If we understand water, we will understand better human body; maybe we’ll even solve the mystery of our birth and existence. So, what is water? Maybe you’ll first say that it’s a life force. If we lose 50% of water in our body, we could no longer keep ourselves alive. Water, which blood and bodily fluids carry, is a medium for transporting nutritious substances through our body. Water flow allows us to live actively. Water transfers energy through the whole body. The energy transfer is like a truck that moves through the body. If the channels in the body are congested and dirty, the load in the vehicle will also get dirty. That is why it is crucially important that water is always clean.

More and more in medicine it is recognized that water is a carrier of energy, so it’s used in treating diseases. Homeopathy is one of the domains that realizes the value of water. Homeopathy was invented by Samuel Hahnemann (1791-1843) in the first half of the 19th century in Germany, but its roots reach the father of medicine Hippocrates (around 460-370 BC), who made preparations that resembled homeopathic remedies. Those pioneers of medicine teach us that “like cures like and that we fight poison with poison”. For example, in lead poisoning the symptoms can be eased with water that contains very small amounts of lead – from one part in 10 to 12 (billion of millions) to one part in 10 to 400! In that case there’s practically no lead in the water anymore, but but its characteristics remained and they constitute the cure for lead poisoning. The logical conclusion would be that the thicker the poison in the body, the percentage of lead in solution should be higher. The idea can also be expressed this way: instead of releaving the symptoms with performance of things, let’s use the information that was conveyed to the water, which removes information about symptoms of lead poisoning.

Water, therefore, has the ability of copying and remembering information. We could say that ocean water remembers creatures that live in the ocean. Glaciers could contain millions of years of our planet’s history. Water circles the planet, flows through our bodies and spreads through the whole world. If we could read the information that water’s memory contains, we’d read a tale of epic proportions. Understanding of water gives us the understanding of the universe, natural wonders and of life itself.

Homeopathy and H2O

In homeopathy, we would certainly come across preparations that contain water: Aqua Marina (sea water), Sanicula Aqua (spring water from Illinois, USA), Aqua Nova (primary water) and Rock Water (mountain spring water).

The structure of water is a compound of:

  1. Hydrogen – a gas whose core coflict is between terrestrial and extraterrestrial existence (“Do I want to be incarnated or not?”), with feelings of abandonment, betrayal, isolation, and whose connections with Earth are weak. However, there is a feeling of universal consciousness and connectedness, a feeling of unity with totality, of which ocean is a representative.

  2. Oxygen – a gas that is similar to hydrogen in its “unearthedness and unconnectedness”. Oxygen needs to bond with other elements during the process of oxidation or respiration, and at the same time release the stored energy of other elements. It is closely linked to inspiration and it’s primary in the fundamental process of combustion of life fuel.

Aqua Marina

It belongs to sea remedies. For Jung, watching the sea is a metaphor for “Shadow” of unresolved conflicts. Besides oxygen and hydrogen, sea water also contains chlorine (Chloridium or Muriaticum) and sodium (Natrum). As any other halogen, chlorine has weak bonds with other elements. The most usual relationship in animals is the one with the mother, so the usual themes are motherhood vs. non-motherhood, connectedness vs. disconnectedness, disappointment, sorrow, feelings of loneliness and separateness. Sepia carries these themes as well. Natrum is very polar and feels deep longing for a relationship 1:1, as well as for emotional security and protection. Diseases from disappointment in love and quiet sadeness.

According to Vithoulkas, Aqua Marina is an alternative choice to remedies Nat-mur and Med when there’s a distinct aggravation and amelioration by the sea or by swimming in sea water, as well as when said remedies fail in terms of reaction. The sensation as if a fish bone is in the throat or a hair with tickling, it spreads to ears and temples and induces swallowing reflex and stomach sickness.

Language of water: flow, sink, swim, float, silt, flood,… In sea remedies, there’s an affinity for the sea, water sports. Also, water can seem intimidating whit its hidden depths, there can be a fear of sharks, of drowning…

General and genital weakness, despite the present desire. Vesicular rash. Polyneuritis in alcoholics with mental disorders. Addison’s disease (hypocorticism or chronic adrenal insufficiency). Weight loss. Hypoglycemia. Hypersecretion of thyroid gland hormones. Sweating. Tremor. Morning tiredness, feverish sensations at 10 in the morning. Sea sickness. By the sea, effects.

Modalities: Better from eating, resting. Worse from moving, pressure and heat. Worse in the afternoon and evening, neuralgia in the front part of the head. Pain in the right ear, worse in the evening. Pain in the face, worse from cold water. Aversion to bathing.

Mental picture: Impaired concetration for intellectual work. Feels battered. Absentminded, restlessness. Tortured by indecent thoughts and fear of insanity. Fear of being spied on. Seeks salvation in religion. Anxiety builds up by talking, walking in company, cold beverages, sweating. Anxiety, better between 2 PM and 6 PM.

Sanicula Aqua

The remedy is made of spring water from Illinois, USA. It contains: sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, sodium bromide, sodium iodide, sodium phosphate, borax, calcium chloride, calcium bicarbonate, calcium sulphate, magnesium chloride, silica, aluminium oxide, lithium carbonate, iron bicarbonate.

Remedies that belong to differential diagnosis are: Chamomilla, Silicea terra, Natrum group, Muriaticum group, Calcarea carbonica, Magnesia carbonica, Medorrhinum and Tuberculinum. Useful remedy for bedwetting (enuresis), sea sickness, constipation, rachitis.

Mental picture: desire to be carried quickly, which eases acute physical symptoms and emotional state. Restless, fear of moving downwards. Very capricious, they ask for things just to throw them away, don’t know what they want. Aversion to touching and looking at them, to examination or argument, to interfering with them. Rapid mood swings, from irritability and stubbornness to playfulness. They demand a lot of energy and attention from mother. Fears: dark, of moving downwards (like Borax), of falling down – they cling on the mother, of thieves, that someone’s behind them, of doctor’s examination.

Sycotic remedy with secretion. Orificia and secretions have very strong and repulsive smell, like rotten fish or strong blue cheese. Patient shivers, worse from cold, with modalities from noon till 5 PM, and from 9 PM until midnight. There’s an exhaustion and collapse from insufficient assimilation of minerals and nutrients, with desire for ham, bacon, milk, sweets, savoury.

Other important symptoms: learning to walk late, weight loss from top to bottom, lower back pain better from lying on firm pad, hot tongue, during the state of high temperature he has to stick it out, head sweats during sleep, burning hot feet in bed with desire to uncover them, stool – huge, falls out or limp and green.

Unique rubrics Sanicula Aqua:

  • Vertigo; KNEADING bread or making similar motions
  • Generalities; MOTION; agg.; during; arms, of; kneading bread or making similar motion
  • Vertigo; RIDING on horseback; aggravates; dark, in
  • Head: FONTANELS; closing premature, prior to birth
  • Head; HARD; baby, in, no sign of suture or posterior fontanel
  • Mouth; HEAT; tongue; stick it out, has to, to cool it
  • Teeth; PAIN; pulled out, as if; left in their sockets, and
  • Stool; SQUARE; carved with a knife, as if
  • Expectoration; CHEESE, like; large, sinking in water
  • Back; SPINE, complaints of; gliding over each other, as if; lumbar region, rocking in a chair
  • Generalities; FOOD and drinks; bread; desires; fresh only
  • Generalities; FOOD and drinks; milk; desires; cold; icy

Bach flower remedy No. 27 – Rock Water (mountain river water)

All other Bach flower remedies are made of flowers, except this one. It’s made of clean spring water that sat in sunlight. It belongs to the group of preparations for exaggerated caring.

Crucial: for exaggerated selfcontrol and mental rigidity (instability).

Rock Water is a remedy for all who have rigid attitudes, strict, linear, who deny themselves all life pleasures because they consider it interfering with them and an obstacle in their way. Rock Water persons are like the original substance: hard on themselves, rigorous with firm principles, they suppress their vital needs for food, sleep or motion.

They are merciless to themselves, wishing they’ll be healthy, vital and active and they do everything to make it that way. They hope to be an example to others who will follow their principles that lead to a better and more quality life. They’re often prone to perfectionism, even though they themselves suffer badly and their surroundings. Nevertheless, they are very tolerant when others make mistakes. Although they always make effort to keep selfcontrol, this essence is also often characterized by suppressing emotional and sexual needs, because in their eyes, it impairs spiritual development.

Their body shows classic symptoms of stress, such as eating disorders, headaches, psychosomatic pain, stomach ache, menstrual disorders. Other symptoms are fanaticism, strong perfectionism, dogmatism, inner and outer rigidity.

Rock Water allows these people to relax and enjoy fun and joys of life. To ease up and become flexible. The relationship with oneself becomes more balanced, and sacrificing and idealism are reduced to the right level.

Rock Water persons, in their negative state, may suffer from afflictions (diseases as a result of inner rigidity and not allowing things to go their way) such as: vein problems, skin conditions, sexual problems related to letting go, impotence, chronic back pain, stiffness of limbs, rheumatism, anorexia, constipation, obsessive neurosis, problems with liver, gall bladder,...

Aqua Nova

The remedy constitutes newly formed water and proving was carried out by homeopaths from England, Misha Norland and Peter Fraser, in 2006.

The water was obtained by combustion of Brown’s gas. Misha Norland’s fascination by primitive substances gave him the idea to prove the newly formed water. One of the more important characteristics of water is its ability to change, not so much in physical as in metaphysical sense, by processes and experiences it is exposed to. In our deeper understanding of substances and elements such as Mapa Mundi and Realmi, it is noted that the properties of remedies are related to water, and that the property of sea remedies is memory of the past and the inability to overcome it. These factors showed that water is not just clean water, but more than that. Distilled water was used but it cannot be said with certainty that all of the water’s memory had been erased that way. That’s why water, which should be a primary substance without memory, was created in the process of electrolysis and burning (combustion). This kind of water has different properties, as well as the substances which are dissolved in it (different melting temperatures). One of the reasons for that is that the water created this way contains monoatomic hydrogen and oxygen, instead of diatomic compounds H2 and O2.

The results of proving were interesting. It seems that there wasn’t any coherence between subjects or groups. The placebo group had symptoms, although it was expected that there won’t be any significant symptoms, eather individualy or in group. It turned out that every examiner was actually proving himself. If Peter Fraser is right then, after proving with Aqua Nova, the patient would show stronger and clearer picture of his homeopathic remedy, which would lead to easier discovery of it by a homeopath.


“The Hidden Messages in Water”, Dr. Masaru Emoto

Branka Popović

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