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Homeopathy, Theory and Practice, by George Vithoulkas

The first accredited course as part of the education at the International Academy for Classical Homeopathy (E-Learning Program) by Prof. George Vithoulkas will be held on October 29th, 2016 in Belgrade, organized by the Holistic Union Belgrade.

The course was accredited by the Serbian Health Council on May 19th, 2016, as a national course under the number C-1-34/16, which gives the attendants 4 points.

The target group that the course is intended for are all practitioners of homeopathy in the Republic of Serbia.

Every registered attendant will receive a certificate for taking part in the accredited course.

Health professionals, categories* determined by laws of the Republic of Serbia and which are listed at the end of this text, meet the requirement for obtaining the license for practicing homeopathy. They will be given points prescribed by the accreditation issuer, namely the Serbian Health Council.

Homeopathic practicioners who are not health professionals will receive a certificate.

All attendants will receive an immense and valuable addition to knowledge, given that the lecture was intended to offer as much as possible in one course.

At the same time, this all day lecture was designed in accordance with the present E-Learning Program at IACH, which means that the attendants of this course will get to know and understand the model of the complete education at IACH.

The course venue is the press conference room at YUTA, the National Association of Travel Agencies of Serbia, 14 Kondina st., Belgrade.

You can register online at the web page of the executive organizer: homeopatijaedu or homeopatijaedu/dogańĎaji, as well as by calling the phone number 069-33-11-980. After the registration you'll recieve a confirmation email with payment instructions.

Participation fee is 2, 000 RSD.

As the number of seats is limited, application submission deadline is October 15th, 2016.

*By provisions of law of the Republic of Serbia, health professionals who will receive 4 points for attending the accredited course, which are required for obtaining a license, are:

- doctors

- dentists

- pharmacists

- biochemists

- nurses

- medical technicians.

In the next article in News section of this website the complete content of the course program will be published.

Source of information: Holistic Union Belgrade – the executive organizer of the E-Learning Program at IACH in Serbia.

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