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Dear colleagues, students and homeopaths,

We believe that there is no student of homeopathy or homeopath who does not want to improve their knowledge, regardless of which school of homeopathy they attend or already have completed. In the nature of homeopaths is to constantly crave to acquire more knowledge, with only one goal – to perfect prescription, namely: to help sick people on better, easier and faster way.

Considering that education in the field of homeopathy is different depending on region, in the sense that it differs from country to country, and this is due to the very status of this science in certain countries and regions of the world, the choice of school is somewhere easier and somewhere heavier. However, it is more than known that, though there are a number of very good colleges of classical homeopathy, IACH of Professor George Vithoulkas keep the primacy in education for decades. It is certain that is not necessary to explain why it is so. In fact, we all know who is professor Vithoulkas, what is his contribution during the fifty years of work in homeopathy, and it is not hard to imagine what we can learn from him.

Until recently, to us in Serbia this education was, if not impossible, then surely very difficult to afford. For many of us at the same time it was a dream to which we have striven and for which we have longed for, but huge obstacles have prevented many of us.

Thanks to the efforts and great enthusiasm of "Holistic Union Belgrade" and its founder, Biljana Knežević, homeopaths from Serbia have managed to draw attention on themselves to esteemed, but also very demanding teacher as Prof. Vithoulkas is. As usually happens, one person has gained his trust, which is not easy to acquire because, as mentioned, Professor Vithoulkas is very demanding teacher. Simply put, not everyone can be the student of best among the best.

One person opened the door to the rest of us. And now we, homeopaths and students of homeopathy in Serbia, we have the ability to attend the Academy under very favorable conditions, obtain invaluable knowledge and receive diplomas of the most prestigious college of classical homeopathy in the world.

Now we have the opportunity to gain the skills that previously were available only to those who could afford to study on the Academy, on the Greek island Alonissos.

Regarding the details of enrollment for education in the period 2016-2018 all information and detailed explanations can be found at:

Information are also available by contacting the Facebook pages HUB and Porodična homeopatija as well as via

We recommend that your first step in learning about the possibilities and conditions of education is to watch this video.

In hope that you will recognize the opportunity for yourself and improving of your education, to become great homeopath with professor Vithoulkas, we expect your any possible questions, applications, and of course – we expect you to join us in attending of the school.

IACH Team Serbia 

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